Spousal Maintenance Directly Impacts Your Future

We Protect Your Short-Term And Long-Term Interests

Unlike child support, which is determined in large part by a formula in both Kansas and Missouri, spousal maintenance in both states is largely left to the discretion of the court. In fact, it is not assumed that it will be awarded at all.

That is why it is critical to enlist the services of a knowledgeable family law attorney like Jill Jackoboice of Jackoboice Law Firm. Whether you expect to receive spousal support, pay it or you are uncertain whether it will be a component of your divorce agreement, Jill will help you decipher and present the important information that supports your best interests.

Spousal maintenance payments are tax deductible for the party who pays them and must be declared as income by the recipient. Ms. Jackoboice considers all tax ramifications carefully while resolving spousal support issues.

Factors That Influence Spousal Maintenance

Spousal maintenance, also known as alimony, may be awarded for the period while a divorce is pending as well as after a divorce is final — or both. In determining the amount of spousal maintenance payments and the length of time payments that are in effect, the courts consider a number of factors, beginning with a spouse’s need for financial assistance and the other spouse’s ability to pay it while maintaining a separate household. Other factors that may affect spousal maintenance include:

  • The length of the marriage and the age of each spouse
  • Both parties’ level of education, income and earning capacity
  • How the division of marital property was handled
  • Whether one spouse contributed to the education and income of the other spouse, including serving as a full-time parent and homemaker
  • The time and cost for one spouse to become sufficiently educated or trained to find suitable employment
  • Whether one party will serve as a custodial parent and how child support issues have been resolved

Spousal maintenance is typically paid in monthly installments, although in some agreements it is paid as a lump sum. Either party may request that maintenance be modified if the financial circumstances of either party change significantly. This may include a promotion, a new job, extended unemployment or health issues that impact income.

We Work To Resolve Spousal Maintenance Issues Amicably

Like other aspects of divorce, spousal maintenance can be resolved through negotiation rather than litigation. Ms. Jackoboice is a skilled negotiator. She helps many of her clients retain more control over the decisions that are reached by developing creative plans that work for both parties.

If a fair agreement cannot be reached through negotiations, she is a fierce litigator who is always prepared to advocate for her clients in court. Ms. Jackoboice is licensed to practice law in both Kansas and Missouri.

Clarity About Your Divorce Starts With A Meeting

We welcome the opportunity to answer your questions regarding spousal support and help you resolve this aspect of divorce that has such far-reaching consequences. To work with a lawyer who keeps your best interests top-of-mind, call 816-751-0570 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.