Complex Assets Can Create Difficult Challenges When Dividing Property

Our Strategic Approach Protects Your Interests

Getting divorced is a complex process under normal circumstances (whatever that is). If a couple owns a business together, or there are other substantial assets that need to be divided, things can get complicated quickly.

Attorney Jill Jackoboice of Jackoboice Law Firm has extensive business acumen and experience with these types of complex cases, which help her cut through confusing financial situations to find solutions. Jill has an undergraduate degree in business and extensive knowledge of state and federal tax laws. She understands how to divide a privately owned business in a manner that does not inflict irreparable damage to the company or cause an unmanageable tax situation for either party.

Jill Jackoboice is licensed to practice in Missouri and Kansas. She represents clients in the Greater Kansas City Metro area, including residents of Johnson County, Platte County, Jackson County and Cass County.

An Acute Sense Of The Details That Matter Most

It is critical to work with a divorce lawyer who knows how to accurately value complex assets and how they can be divided. Jill is noted for her meticulous attention to detail. In these situations, small details can have huge financial impacts. We are committed to protecting our clients’ long-term financial health and putting them in the strongest possible position to move forward following divorce.

We have experience with a variety of situations found in high net worth divorce, including:

  • Assessing business valuation and analyzing profits
  • Professional partnerships
  • Illiquid assets such as art and other collectibles
  • Retirement accounts, pensions and deferred compensation
  • Investment real estate

We Protect Your Interests At Every Turn

You only get one chance at the equitable division of marital property, so it is important to get it right. Make sure the attorney you hire has experience in this practice area.

We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and provide insights on what you can expect in dividing your marital property. Call 816-751-0570 or use our online contact form to schedule a meeting.