Child Support Is Not Just Plugging Numbers Into A Formula

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Child support in both Missouri and Kansas follows guidelines that adhere to a formula for determining a fair amount that one parent must pay the other to cover the costs of raising a child. However, there are a number of factors that can cause the court to deviate from these guidelines. The lawyer you work with must be aware of these.

In most cases, child support payments must be made until the child turns 18, although there are exceptions, such as a special needs child. Factors affecting the amount of child support include:

  • Both parents’ income
  • The standard of living that was established during the marriage or before the end of a nonmarital relationship
  • Each child’s physical, emotional and financial needs
  • The amount of time a child will spend with each parent
  • The cost of health care for each child and which parent pays for it

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Jackoboice Law Firm provides experienced and knowledgeable counsel for parents regarding child support matters and all other issues involving children in divorce. Whether you expect to pay or receive child support, it is critical to enlist the services of a lawyer who will protect your interests and those of your child.

We Work With Complex Financial Situations

Attorney Jill Jackoboice has extensive experience resolving cases in which there are complex assets to sort through, such as a family business, a parent who is self-employed or one who is in a professional partnership.

As with most aspects of divorce, child support can be resolved without the need to litigate. Ms. Jackoboice strives to help her clients reach agreement outside of court on this and other issues so they can retain more control over the outcome. Her experience as a third-party mediator in family law cases provides her substantial insights into reaching agreements through negotiation.

If a fair agreement cannot be reached outside of court, Ms. Jackoboice is always prepared to advocate for her clients in court. She is an accomplished litigator who understands when standing firm is the right thing to do.

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