Know Your Rights Regarding Modifications To Existing Orders

Life continues to change after a divorce. You or your former spouse (or former nonmarital partner) may find new employment, struggle with a long stretch of unemployment or receive a promotion that results in a significant salary increase. Children’s needs and schedules also change. Any of these changes may result in the need to modify existing court orders.

At Jackoboice Law Firm in Kansas City, Missouri, attorney Jill Jackoboice helps individuals obtain or defend against post-judgment modifications. Either parent may seek a modification to child support, custody, an existing parenting plan or alimony.

As a rule, modifications to child support payments may be sought if a new calculation using the child support guidelines results in a change of 20 percent or more in the support amount. Call 816-751-0570 to schedule a consultation so we can review your situation.

We Will Help You Pursue Or Defend Against A Relocation

In many cases, a modification is sought because a custodial parent wishes to move away, which makes an existing parenting plan impractical. This can lead to prolonged litigation that is more stressful and costly than an original divorce proceeding.

If you wish to pursue a modification, it is important to develop a strong argument with specific details that will support your request. It must be shown that a modification is in the child’s best interest. Attorney Jill Jackoboice has more than two decades of experience practicing law in Kansas and Missouri. She knows the tendencies of family court judges in both states and understands what it takes to successfully pursue or defend against a request to modify an existing order.

Jill also has a unique capability of developing creative strategies that help her clients resolve modification disputes without costly trials. Her experience and training in third-party mediation serve her clients well when she is negotiating agreements on their behalf.

A Timely Response Is Important

If you are a Missouri resident and you have received a letter of intent from your child’s other parent about his or her intent to move with your child, you must respond within 30 days or the petition will automatically be approved. It is important to enlist the services of a knowledgeable modifications lawyer as soon as possible.

We can review your situation during an initial consultation and recommend an effective course of action. Call 816-751-0570 or email us to schedule a meeting.