We Help Unmarried Parents Protect Their Rights

At Jackoboice Law Firm, we field a number of calls from unmarried parents who are uncertain about their rights regarding custody, child support and other issues involving their child. In Kansas and Missouri, both parents of a child are legally obligated to support the child until the child reaches age 18, whether or not the parents were married when the child was born.

In most cases, establishing legal paternity also provides a father with important parental rights, including custody or parenting time (unless the court determines other factors supersede those rights). Attorney Jill Jackoboice represents Kansas and Missouri residents throughout Greater Kansas City in paternity matters.

Same-sex couples that adopt a child or have a child through surrogacy also face complex custody and support issues. We welcome the opportunity to work with you in these situations. Call 816-751-0570 to schedule a meeting.

Additional Reasons To Establish Paternity

Beyond financial support and custody concerns, establishing legal paternity is important for a number of other reasons, including:

  • Benefits for the child — Your child may be eligible to receive Social Security, insurance, veteran’s benefits, an inheritance and other types of benefits.
  • Medical rights — Your child has the right to know each parent’s medical history in order to determine possible conditions they may inherit or preventative treatment that doctors advise.
  • The right to be involved in the child’s life — Unmarried fathers who want to protect their right to maintain a relationship with a child should file a paternity action.

We Assist Fathers And Mothers In Paternity Actions

If a woman is married at the time she is pregnant or gives birth, the husband is recognized as the legal father unless a court action deems otherwise. A father who is not married is able to establish paternity by having both parents sign an Affidavit Acknowledging Paternity when the child is born. If you are a mother who needs to establish a child’s paternity for support reasons, we can help you navigate the steps that must be taken.

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